Highly visible on black or white keyboards

Regardless if you have a laptop with a black keyboard or an external keyboard that is white, the blue color was chosen intentionally so that it will stand out. 


Durable & High Quality Stickers

Calling this a sticker is a honestly a disservice. The symbols are printed on the bottom of Lexan, so you'd wear through the stuff used to make bullet-proof glass before wearing off the symbol.


Back light still works great

Unlike the other options that are currently available, we wanted to make sure the back light wasn't obscured. If you're working and it's dark, we wanted to be just as proficient.


Easy to Apply

The card is laid out simply so it's easy to figure out exactly which key to apply it to. Simply remove it from the backing, place on the key, and then rub it with a credit card to push out any bubbles.